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Published Dec 15, 20
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To help you select the very best alternative for your roofing system, here's everything you need to understand about Colorbond and Zincalume. Secure, long lasting and energy wise, Colorbond steel is a popular roofing material. Developed in the mid-nineteenth century, Colorbond was the solution to corrugated roofing systems. While corrugated roofing systems were robust, they rusted easily so required routine painting.

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Given that its introduction in Australia in 1966, Colorbond has actually become one of the most attractive roofing alternatives. As a pre-painted steel material with a Zincalume core, Colorbond is strong yet lightweight. Produced by BlueScope Steel Limited, strict design, production and screening procedures are followed to ensure it is developed to last.

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Readily available in a vast array of colours, the product is thermally efficient, highly resistant to deterioration and simple to preserve. Offering extraordinary benefits, it's no marvel that Colorbond steel has ended up being a popular roof material. Hard, reputable and long lasting, Zincalume steel is another popular roof product. Made from zinc, aluminium and silicon, this product lasts 4 times longer than galvanised steel.

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Also produced by BlueScope Steel Limited, Zincalume steel undergoes substantial screening. Over the last 17 years, more than 5,000 Zincalume steel panels have been tested in real-world conditions. The panels' resistance to all components shows that Zincalume is one of the hardest steel materials readily available. Zincalume Roof Zincalume steel also uses lasting performance.

As one of the most resilient and economic forms of roofing, it is a popular choice for Australian roofs. Given that your roofing system is a long-term financial investment, it is essential to pick the best option for your house. While Colorbond and Zincalume are both strong, long lasting and lasting, there is a crucial distinction that you must think about.

How much does metal roofing cost

Depends on the size and style of your roof. Call our team fro a Quick and Free chat. We will give you an estimate - 03 9001 6546

how often do metal roofs need to be replaced?

New Metal roofing can last 40 years or more.. doesnt mean it will look great for 40 years though!

how often should metal roof screws be replaced?

New Galvanised screws last many many years. 40-50 easy. If you have older screws that are rusting replace as soon as you can. Rust = Steal Cancer

where to buy metal roofing?

Easy One - Give us a call and we will price it up. Done - 03 9001 6546

where to buy metal roofing online?

Call us - 03 9001 6546 its quicker than the online order

which metal roof color is best?

Depends on the coulors of your home/factory. We can show you different styles if you like? Call us - 03 9001 6546

While Colorbond is available in 22 colours, Zincalume can be found in one basic aluminium colour. This difference can affect the look and appeal of your house. Colorbond's wide range of colours has been designed to fit all designs. Inspired by Australia, the colours are organized into modern, classic, matt and ultra palettes. standing seam metal roof installation in Hampton East VIC 3188.

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On the other hand, Zincalume steel is available in one basic aluminium colour. Given that it does not have a layer of customized paint, its colour can not be customized to your home's theme. Its shiny metal look likewise dulls gradually, which might detract from your home's appeal. When it comes to selecting the very best roof alternative for your home, you need to decide whether colour is crucial.

To assist you decide whether it is the very best option for your roofing, here are the primary advantages and disadvantages of. Checked in Australian conditions, Colorbond roof is weather-resistant. Whether it is severe heat, cold, rain or wind, this product can withstand it all - corrugated metal roofing in Hampton East VIC 3188. It is even compliant for use in bushfire vulnerable locations.

Colorbond roof is incredibly resilient. With its ACTIVATE innovation and 5 layers of security that comply with Australian Standards (AS1397 and AS/NZS 2728), this roof material is built to last. Each layer provides included strength, protection and technology that increases the product's resilience. Colorbond's vast array of colours and designs let you customise your roof to your house.

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Colorbond is also readily available in a range of styles, including corrugated, panel and weatherboard. These choices allow you to match your roofing to your distinct property needs (sheet metal roofing near me in Hampton East VIC 3188). This roof material enhances your home's energy effectiveness. Including Thermatech technology that shows the sun's rays, it assists keep your home cool, so you use your air conditioning system less.


Colorbond roofing's resilience implies that it is simple to maintain and long-lasting. Merely washing it with water every now and then is adequate to maintain its appearance. If maintained appropriately, your Colorbond roofing system can last a minimum of thirty years. The primary drawback of is its cost. Aside from installation and labour costs, the can be greater than other alternatives.

For instance, Colorbond roof sheets with boosted toughness expense more than standard corrugated sheets. Normally, it costs between $18 to $40 per sheet. While the requirements to be thought about, it is very important to bear in mind this item's exceptional quality and long life. With its low maintenance, you will likewise conserve more in the long run.

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To assist you choose whether it is the finest alternative for your roof, here are the main benefits and downsides of Zincalume roof. Zincalume is among the toughest steel items offered. Its zinc, aluminium and silicon parts make it extremely long lasting. Extremely resistant to deterioration and scratching, this roof product is not easily harmed.

Established after extensive research study into improving galvanised steel, Zincalume's parts guarantee long-lasting performance. In fact, Zincalume steel lasts 4 times longer than galvanised steel. Zincalume roofing is an inexpensive alternative that still provides results. Strong, lightweight, non-combustible and resistant in all weather, it provides lots of advantages at a lower rate compared to some roof materials.

Given that it does not have a layer of customized paint, this product only is available in one colour. This indicates that the product can not be customized to your home's style. Prone to dull with time, its glossy metal colour can also diminish the appearance and appeal of your house. Due to its shiny metal colour, Zincalume steel is less energy efficient than some roof materials.

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As an outcome, your home can likewise become less energy effective. As 2 of the most popular roof products, COLORBOND and ZINCALUME differ in lots of ways. When it pertains to choosing which choice is best for your roof, you should consider your special property needs and the advantages and downsides of each item.

Although the initial investment is greater than Zincalume's, Colorbond's customisable colour, low upkeep and long life make it a fantastic financial investment for the long term. Choosing Colorbond roofing will not only include worth to your residential or commercial property however bring your house to life for several years to come (corrugated metal roofing in Hampton East VIC 3188). If you are looking for or, we provide a completely thorough series of services tailored to your home.

When it pertains to we offer the highest requirements of craftsmanship, safety and service. If you are searching for a our group can evaluate your requirements and offer you a roof quote. For a no-obligation conversation on Colorbond roofing setup, Colorbond roofing system replacement or roof pipes, on. Do you have any concerns about the distinctions between Colorbond and Zincalume? Wish to know more about these steel roofing choices? Leave a remark listed below and our friendly group will be happy to help.

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Metal roofs, and Colorbond in specific, are quickly ending up being the preferred roof product for homes in Australia. Why? Because Colorbond is trendy, lightweight, sturdy, thermally insulated, and highly durable under the testing Australian weather conditions. It's an option absolutely worth checking out if you're considering structure or customizing your home, as using our product has a range of advantages.

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